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Our Board and Volunteers



Judith Decou, President - Judy is a sessional instructor at the Odette School of Business at the University of Windsor. She has owned property in Chatham-Kent for many years and moved here permanently several years ago. She has an MBA and PhD and brings her strengths in digital marketing, management, change management and information systems to OVCLT. She has previously served on non-profit boards and in organizational leadership.

Marcie Ellis, Secretary - Marcie Ellis is a graduate of Wayne State University with a Bachelor of Science in Education. Throughout her career she has worked in varying environmental science industries. Her roles within these industries have been focused in data and finance. Her passion for involvement in the community, has seen her volunteer with local hockey and special needs organizations. Her involvement with OVCLT reflects her desire that home ownership should have an affordable solution for all, and not a select few.

Barbara DoForno, Treasurer - A lifelong resident of Chatham, Barbara has worked in all three sectors of the community –business, government and charitable/nonprofit. She has served as a retail store manager, as a Race Relations Policy Co-Ordinator for the Chatham-Kent Police Services and as a nonprofit staff member with United Way and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Barbara brings expertise in real estate and budgeting to our small home initiative. She has also demonstrated a passion for social justice and the environment in all of her work and volunteer positions and is committed to helping make Chatham-Kent an even more inclusive community.



David Morrison - David Morrison has spent over 25 years as a Program Manager leading major projects for automotive manufacturers in Canada the US and Mexico. In addition to serving on the OVCLT board he has focused on assisting children in need locally and internationally. As a foster parent David and his wife Tracy provided a safe and nurturing environment for many at risk youth in Chatham-Kent over the last 10 years. In addition, he held board positions with RISE House International (formerly Hime for Help) in Haiti and served as President of the Canadian Relief Fund for Chernobyl Victims in Belarus (CRFCVB). David was born in Chatham, raised in Wallaceburg and resides in the area with his family.

Dave Cullen - Dave moved to Chatham in 1999 for work, knowing nothing about the community beyond the Wheels Inn. Through the years, Dave cofounded the Young Professionals of Chatham-Kent and the Ground Floor. He also spent time on the Community Strategic Planning Commitee. Now a not-so-young professional, Dave is still proud to call Chatham-Kent home while recently re-entering the consulting world, Dave pairs his passion for the community  with an interest in net-zero  building to OVCLT, hoping to innovate in ways that can be used in future both locally and abroad. 

Kimberly Roe - Kim was born and raised in Chatham township and is raising her three children on the family farm.  Kim runs a Financial Planning business in Chatham-Kent and has worked in finance for over 20 years.  She knows the personal and financial benefits of home ownership and wants to see more members of our community be able to accomplish this goal.  Kim has joined OVCLT because she shares the same mission and wants to help others live out their dream of owning their own home.

Rebecca Stevens - Becky started working in Chatham in 2010 and eventually moved to Chatham in 2016.  Becky brings us over 15 years of supply chain experience in both the public and private sectors, as well as experience in the last few years in business development.  Becky believes that everyone deserves a safe and stable home and understands that affordable housing isn’t just about structures; it’s about building thriving communities.  By joining the OVCLT board, Becky aims to leverage her expertise to aid in addressing housing disparities and creating lasting change in housing accessibility.


In addition, we thank the following volunteers, who have contributed specific expertise since OVCLT’s inception, as key players with this initiative:


  • Rose Linseman: Project manager 

  • Ron Male: Construction manager (design build/estimator) 

  • Brad Campbell: Founding Director

  • Gabriel Clarke: Environmental assistance

  • John Clark: Legal assistance

  • Shawn Douglas: Environmental assistance

  • Gary Eagleson: Landscaping

  • Terence Johnson: Social enterprise investor

  • Karen Kirkwood-Whyte: Administrative co-ordinator (volunteer)

  • Michael Lowther: Financial assistance

  • Christine Muckle: Financial assistance

  • Steve Pratt: Founding President

  • Jon Quaglia: Legal advice

  • Dava Robichaud: Fundraising and special events

  • Dragica Robinson: Board member

  • Terry Smith: Bookkeeping advice

  • James Snyder: Community development/government relations

  • Andrew Tompsett: Marketing and communications

  • Gary Zock: Business plan development and life lease consultant

     Currently active volunteers bolded

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